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Can we use our own phone number for Text-To-Give?


Text-To-Give relies on a list of numbers owned by Twilio, the company used for the service.  From this list of approved numbers, you are able to choose a number that might be close to your current telephone number.  If you don't want to do that and insist on using your current phone number, there are some things you should know:

  • Twilio buys numbers, or a range of numbers so that no one else has access to them and so your Text Giving transactions are secure and do not get mixed up with personal phone numbers.
  • The Telephone numbers through Twilio are only for Text Giving, you cannot make phone calls using them.
  • Any phone number used by someone with a phone is technically not owned by that person, but leased from the Phone Company.  Twilio is the company that you are leasing your Text-To-Give number from each month.
  • You can use your own telephone number for Text Giving, but to do that you will need to contact your phone company and ask them to sign over the number to Twilio, who can then enable it for Text Giving (and text-giving only).  You will not be able to use this number for phone calls after this point.


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