Customer Onboarding Individual - Migration From Other Software: Data Conversion Steps

Data Conversion Steps for Individual Parishes

Step #1: Schedule Your Data Conversion

Using the link provided in your Step 1 email you will schedule a date you would like to start your data conversion.  Note: you and your staff will be out of your data for up to 10 business days.

Step #2: Prepare Your Data:

We will provide you with suggested steps to prepare your data for conversion.  By following these steps, you will have a much easier and more successful conversion with better overall results in the ParishSOFT Family Suite.

Using the Link provided in your Step 2, email complete the Conversion Checklist online form.  Because you cannot stop and start the online form without it resetting the information you have already entered, you can use the printable Microsoft Word form to gather information about your data before you start your online form. 

In addition to the Conversion Checklist, please supply us with a report of all your active registered families including Family ID, Family Last Name, and Street Address. You may submit it with your data.

Step #3 Submit Your Data for Conversion

We will provide you with a secure FTP location to upload your data and your active registered families report from your current software.  You will be guided to the standard data locations for the many software brands.

After we receive your data, a member of the Data Services Team will contact you to go over your Conversion Checklist and clarify how your data will migrate into the Family Suite. This call may take up to one hour. Please refer to the articles on how to Prepare Your Data in advance.


Training for the ParishSOFT Family Suite

This is also a good time to sign up for our PathFinder Learning System to be prepared to use the ParishSOFT Family Suite.  Be sure that at least one person in your organization takes training for each program module in the Family Suite that you have purchased. 

Step# 4: Your converted data is ready for review!

When the conversion of your data is complete, you will receive an email with your login information. Your data will be placed in a read-only format for review. You will be presented with an instructional walk-through to help you with your validation.  You also will have access to a checklist and video if you prefer.

Step # 5 Your converted data has been accepted!

Once you have accepted your converted data you will start using the ParishSOFT Family Suite for your day-to-day work!  You will have full administrative rights for your parish and you can set the rest of your staff with their appropriate access and permissions.

If you and your staff have not yet signed up to use our PATHFinder Learning System, now is the time to do so.  The PATHFinder courses will help you be more confident and effective in navigating your new software and using it to support your ministry.


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