PSA Consolidation Manager - Accounts: How to add a new account at the diocesan level and push it automatically to all parish's Charts of Accounts

How to add a new account at the diocesan level and push it automatically to all parish's Charts of Accounts

To push an account automatically to all the parishes:

  • The Account must be a new account; it cannot exist in the diocesan chart of accounts.
  • You must use the import process.


  1. Begin by ensuring all of the levels for the account you would like to add and push exist. For more information on adding levels, click here.
  2. Once all levels are added, make note of the new Account Code Level and decide which Sub-Accounts and related departments the account will be tied to. This will become your new Account Code. You will need this information for the next steps.
  3. In the "Consolidation Manager" tab, click Process and then Chart of Accounts Import.
  4. The Chart of Accounts Import screen will present you with options to download import instructions as well as a template for importing to Chart of Accounts. For your convenience, both are linked just below this image. 
  5. Open the Template file and save it as a .xlsx file.
  6. Enter Data into the columns listed: Shortcut, Account Code, and Description.  The example below is for an account called "Pizza."

    The column for Account Restrictions is a dropdown.  Choose "Unrestricted" from the drop-down options unless the account has restrictions.

    The columns for Bank AccountCredit Card, and Accounts Payable are also drop-down menus and should be set to "False" unless the account settings are different.
  7. Once you have filled out the template file correctly, save it and make note of its location.
  8. Go back to Process and Chart of Accounts Import and click on the Browse... option.
  9. Search for your updated template file and select it. 
  10. Click Open.
    This will bring up the file in the import screen.  If only one or two organizations in your diocese need the account, make sure the checkbox for "Activate each account in every organization" is not checked.  If all organizations in the diocese need the account, make sure the box is checked before clicking Import.
    When you click the Import button you should receive a status message that will let you know your import has been successful.
    As each organization logs in, they will receive a message indicating that the account has been added to their chart.
  11. If the account already exists and has not been used it can be deleted and then imported to push down to the churches. If it can't be deleted, it would need to be done individually.



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