PSA Payroll - Payroll Process: How to see checks in (steps 6 - 8) the payroll process

How to see checks in (steps 6 - 8) the payroll process


Step 6: All checks (paper or ACH) will show in step 6. If it has a check number, it's been printed or an ACH file has been created. If it's been voided, the word 'Void' will be displayed.

You should not make changes to amounts in step 6 as the amount changes will not be reflected on the W-2 or 941. This step should only be used to edit or delete a check. Corrections to the amount on this step need to be made by updating the employee, the timecard, and/or in the calculation process. See How to fix checks in process (incorrect amount, pay item, or deduction)

Step 7: Unprinted (non-ACH) checks will be displayed in step 7.

Step 8: ACH checks will show in step 8, even if the ACH file has been created. This allows you for modifications and ACH transaction receipt printing.







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