PSG Forms Manager - Form Properties: How to upload banner images and URLS

How to upload banner images and URLs

In ParishSOFT Giving Forms, you can upload image files from your computer for your form's banner image.

In Forms, go to Form PropertiesGeneral InfoUpload Header Image URL

  1. You can either click on Form Properties in the bottom left-hand corner or hit the gear icon at the top right of the form.
      2019-04-16_10-08-02.jpg    or     2019-04-16_10-07-47.jpg
  2. Once in Form Properties, go to the General Info tab.
  3. Click on Upload Image and search for your file in the file browser.
  4. Click Open after making your selection.
  5. Your image will now be converted into a hosted URL specific to the form.  If you choose another image, then the previous image will be replaced.2019-04-16_11-41-28.jpg

    When you upload the image, it gets loaded into the form, and the link for the image get's converted from a file path to that of a URL because the image is now technically being hosted.  We can confirm this because if a file is uploaded to the form, and the file is then deleted from the original computer, then the image still stays on the form.

    So if I upload a file from a simple path like C:/Users/yourname/pictures/BuildingFund-2.jpg

    It will be converted into the following when I upload it to the form:

    You cannot upload URL links for hosted images in the Header Image field.  The image will not appear, and you will see a broken image icon instead.





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