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How to allow donors to help cover processing fees

These instructions will allow you to add  "User covers fee" for any form, so you can ask donors to cover a processing fee whenever they use online giving.

Note: "User covers fee" can be considered tax-deductible because it increases the size of the donation overall to help cover the processing fee for the donation. Since a donor is donating slightly more, this allows the actual donation to be closer to the original amount the donor wished to give the church after processing fees have been applied.

This article assumes:

  • you have an existing form that you will modify
  • you have a pay item field on your existing form

To bring up your existing form, log into the ParishSOFT Giving site, and select Forms from the left side menu. Then, select your form. 

  1.  In the form go to Form Properties
  2. In Form Properties, click Payment and Check the box for Allow the user to help cover the processing fee. ​Allow_user_to_help_pay_processing_fees.png
    • Once you've enabled the "User covers Fee" option, you will then have the option to enter in the Fee by either Percentage Amount or Flat Dollar Amount.
    • You may also choose whether the fee is required, choose the amount or percentage that ACH or Credit Card transactions will trigger, and choose the Processing Fee fund to which your Fees will be assigned for reporting and deposit purposes.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Save and Publish your form to apply changes.




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