PSG Gear Button - Managers: How to set dashboard and forms permissions for managers

How to set dashboard and form permissions for managers

You can now set permissions for individual permissions for Dashboard modules, Settings (Gear icon) sections, forms, and the managers who use them.


To do this, you must first have access to the Manager's section of the Settings Menu (the "Primary" administrator is the only administrator initially set up with this level of access).

  1. Go to your Settings menu and Select Managers from the available options.
  2. Select the Action button to the right of the manager you would like to update.  Then, select the option to Update.manager.jpg
  3. The top-most checkboxes are for Dashboard modules, such as Reports, Fund Management, Forms, etc.
  4. Scroll down to the Form's Permission section (bottom).  From there, mark the types of forms to which the manager should have access by marking the features they should be able to use. There is a special set of permissions for one category: Forms.

    There are several form categories, and just because a form is in a certain category doesn't mean you can't add or remove payment fields from them.  Form categories can be changed at any time:
    • Contact Form: A 'Contact Form' usually only has fields like name, phone, email, and address.  Prayer Request forms can sometimes be categorized as Contact Forms, but it depends on the parish.
    • Event Registration: 'Event Registration' forms usually have contact fields as well as drop-down fields, radio buttons, and other selection-based fields.  Event Registration forms often have payment fields as well so that registration fees can be processed.
    • Feedback Form: 'Feedback Forms' usually have contact fields as well as a text field to give people space to provide feedback for an event or even for prayer requests.  Prayer request forms can sometimes be categorized as Feedback Forms as well as Contact Forms.
    • General Donation: 'General Donation' forms are usually the category in which the "Give Now" forms you see in your templates are found. Usually, they are the organization's simple donation form that holds the giving account.
    • Internal Form:  An 'Internal Form' can be a lot of things, and it really depends on the needs of your organization if you use this category.  A registration form for new Members may be categorized as an internal form if it's not posted on the Parish Website and can only be accessed when the Parish gives you the URL. You could also categorize a Parish Census form as internal.
    • Other Form: 'Other Form' is a category for Forms that don't seem to fit in any of the other categories.  An example of this might be a Form for a Food Drive for the Parish Food Pantry.
    • Special Donation: A 'Special Donation' form can be for second collections, a special donation campaign for a specific purpose, or for a particular need going on at the parish.  An example might be a form for buying t-shirts to support the Youth Ministry at the Parish.
      Form permissions are based on the form category type and they will give different managers the ability to:
    • Create: Gives Manager the ability to create a particular type of form
    • Edit: Gives Manager the ability to edit a particular type of form
    • Delete: Gives Manager the ability to Delete a particular type of form.
    • View Responses:  Gives Manager the ability to view the response section of a form, and any responses or submissions made to a form.  Also gives them the ability to export and print submission responses.
    • Refund:  Gives Manager the ability to refund any transactions in the system.  If this column isn't checked, the manager will not be able to even see the "Refund" option in the Transactions report.
  5. Once finished with your selections, click Save.


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