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How to setup Fund Keywords for Text Giving


Once you have selected a Text-To-Give (TTG) phone number, you will want to do the following:

  1. First, you need to set up keywords for the funds.  To do this go to the Settings (gear) icon then click the Fund Management Card (see image above). (see #5 to learn how keywords are used)
  2. Click the action icon to the right of the desired fund(s) and choose Edit Fund; then add the desired keyword to the fund.

  3. Go to your default form (to see how to set a default form, see How to edit giving portal settings) and set the display order of the funds.  The TTG fund order will default to the same order as that in the Give Now form. 
  4. Ask the donors to text your TTG phone number and sign up their phone with the giving site.
  5. If a donor wants to give to a specific fund (rather than the top fund in the Give Now form), they can text "Keywords" to the church's TTG phone number. This will return a list of available funds as shown below.

  6. To see how to give a TTG donation, see How to give a Text-To-Give donation

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