PSFS Family Directory - GDPR: Who it applies to and at what level

General GDPR Information

  • GDPR only applies to records that are created while the family or member are residents of the European Union.
    1. If they live in the United States when the record is created and then move to a country that is in the European Union, GDPR does not apply.
    2. If they have a part-time residence (like a vacation home) in a European Union country, but their record is created for their non-EU address and the EU address is later added, then GDPR does not apply
  • The GDPR regulation has different levels or responsibilities for the data processors and the data controllers
    1. ParishSOFT is a data processor; can be loosely defined as a tool or application provider.
    2. Parishes and Diocese are data controllers. The data controllers are the owners of the data.
    3. Data controllers are responsible for conforming to the GDPR regulations. 



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