PSG Changes - ParishSOFT Giving begins to introduce changes in the software for customers

ParishSOFT Giving begins to introduce changes in the software for customers

Donor Portal Changes

  • Donor Portal is now a Giving Form and can be edited or managed in forms. A default “Give Now” form is created for each parish that implements with a basic “Fund Dropdown” payment field that lists all funds listed in the system unless you edit the field to exclude them.
  • Donor navigation for creating new accounts is slightly different and can be accessed from the “Sign In” section of the Giving form for an Org.
  • Donors can get to their account information by clicking the icon in the top right with their initials and choosing “My Account” from the dropdown.
  • Donors can now view all their Scheduled Gifts in one location by going to “Scheduled.
  • Donors can now view all their saved payment methods and add new, or delete existing by going to “My Account” and then “Payment Method."
  • Donors can always do a password reset from the login screen, but now they can also do it while logged into the system from “My Account” and “Account Info."
  • Donors are sent to a donor form with a specified URL that does not change or redirect as the old URL did.
  • Text Giving will function differently


Admin Portal Changes


  • The Organization menu has been replaced with the Gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Settings → Settings  (formerly Organization → Settings)

  • Portal settings can be found under Settings and then Settings.
  • Instead of Donor portal settings, we now have “Edit your Giving Portal” in the top right corner with the giving site URL listed. From the Giving Portal settings, you can select one of any of your different giving forms to apply to your Website, as well as how your Organization Name, logo, and personal URL appear.  Your URL integration code (the ‘a href’ hyperlink with the text “Click here to give online”) is still available, but the second custom widget is gone.
  • If you have multiple campuses, then you will edit which form appears for which campus in the “Campus settings” instead of “Giving portal settings."
  • The “Donor Covers Fee” option has been moved and renamed; you may access it in the forms option “Convenience Fee” under the “Payment” tab in Form Properties. Installments and Quick Give, as well as gifts to multiple funds, are now standard, and not able to be turned off.

Settings → Design (formerly Organization → Design)

  • This option will now take you to “Giving Portal Settings”

Settings → Fund Management (formerly Organization → Fund Management)

  • Form Only funds now mean something different. If a fund is marked as “Form Only” the option will now exclude it from being shown as a fund that can be given to through text or kiosk giving.


Reports →  Deposits

Customers now have the ability to enable manual batch settlement. This means that if a customer would like a deposit batch to settle once a week, they can enable manual settlement via a support ticket sent to ParishSOFT; they can then settle the batch themselves whenever they would like.

The major stipulations include that any batch settled Monday through Friday before 1 PM will settle on the day; any batch settled Monday through Friday starting at 1 PM will settle on the next business day. Batches settled on the weekend, starting Friday at 1 PM, will settle on the following Monday (because banks are closed).

This does not affect ChMS Integration intervals, as those will still transfer contribution data as it comes into the system.


Church Managed Donors

  1. Virtual Terminal:  How to create a recurring gift for a donor using Virtual TerminalParishSOFT Giving - Virtual Terminal (video)
  2. Reports → Auto-Donations: How to disable a donor's recurring gift, How to update Auto-Donations to include changes made to a fund, How to change a payment method on a recurring/scheduled donation

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