PSA L&P - Vendors: How to find a vendor that has a 1099 but does not display in find vendor or Vendors Quick Find

How to find a vendor that has a 1099 but does not display in find vendor or in Vendors Quick Find

General Tab: the vendor name and check name are entered

1099/checks Tab: the 1099 vendor name are entered. 

In the examples below:

  • The vendor name is White Castle 1245
  • The check name is White Castle
  • The 1099 vendor name is White Castle South


If you are unable to locate a vendor using the name on the 1099 use the Vendor Audit Report to search for the vendor. 

1099 Segment with Vendor Name

  1. Go to Reports → Vendor → Vendor Audit
  2. Mark "Include inactive vendors" and "Include only 1099 transactions."
  3. If the name is very different, you may need to search the report for the address.



Once you have found matching information on the Vendor Audit, go to the Vendor Information page to verify the 1099 vendor name is linked to the vendor you have found as follows:

  1. Use the Find Vendor link and mark it to show inactive vendors.
  2. Click Go to the left of the vendor which brings up the Vendor Information Screen.
  3. Click the 1099/checks screen to see the name that was entered in the 1099 vendor name box.  








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