PSA L&P - Budgets: How to create next year's budget using the screen entry option (used most often)

How to create next year's budget using the screen entry option

Go into Ledger & Payables → Process → Budget Entry → .... Budget (where ... stands for either Current, Next Year or Next Year +1)   The example here will show Next Year's Budget but they all work essentially the same.

The Budget Screen has three sections: (see screenshot below)

  1. Budget Filters (top) - Allows you to choose which account budgets you want to display to the screen
  2. Budget Selection Buttons (middle) - Allows you to clear the current values or copy values from other year's budgets to the currently displayed accounts
  3. Account Budgets (bottom) - Allows you to enter budget values for displayed accounts for the whole year or by each period; to add by period click the Edit Months button for each. 
    • This is also where you may update a budget amount to zero in order to archive the account. 
    • When entering budget amounts using this method, click the Submit button before stepping away from the computer or beginning to work on anything else. This will ensure no work is lost.



For detailed information on filtering the Accounts on this Budget Entry Screen or on Clearing the current year budget or on using Numbers from your Previous Year Actual or Budget, please see the Online User's Guide, Chapter 13.




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