PSG Admin - Integration: How to correct duplicate families created via integration

How to correct getting duplicate family records which were created via integration

How to prevent duplication

Unfortunately, many churches have multiple families with the same last name, and quite often with the same first names as well, so when the automatic integration process sends a contribution over to the Family Suite, it cannot rely on first/last names. 

To get around that, we've set up the integration auto-matching process as shown in the following article:  How to set up Family Suite and ParishSOFT Giving for integration
Take special note of the section at the bottom:  Donor Integration - how the software knows to which record to assign the donation.

If you wish to prevent duplication you will have to change what displays in the Giving Site for the Envelope #: field for the member.  This field is used for the integration key.  

  • The integration key is the Family DUID (F_####)  (DUIDDio Unique IDentification).
  • If the number in F_#### is not the number that displays in the family record into which you want the contribution to go (at the top of a family record in parenthesis), you will want to change it in the giving site to be correct.

How to fix the current duplicate records

  • After that, go to the Family Suite and merge the duplicate family with the contributions into the family you wish to have the contributions

Those duplicate families will have to be merged.

First, though, you'll want to log in to PS Giving and turn off the "feature" that creates the dupes in PS Giving. From your PS Giving Dashboard:

  1. Click the Gear and choose "ChMS Integration" 2. Click the yellow button labeled "Disable New Person Creation"​save changes.
  2. Now you will need to find out how many dupes have been created. Go to Family Directory → Reports and choose:
    • 1) Census → PS Giving Added Families
    • 2) Set the date range as long as you have has PS Giving Integration set up
    • 3) View Report​For each of the families in the report, you will need to find the duplicate AND the original in order to merge them, so make a list of Last Name and "Family DUID" numbers (this number is in your Family List grid as one of the columns if you scroll to the right).
  3. Then you merge them all one after another: PSFS Family Directory - Family List: How to merge duplicate family records
  4. Once your merges are done, you will need to MATCH your PS Giving Donors to the merged family records: PSG Reports - Matching Donors for ChMS: How to match donors in Giving to Family Suite records



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