PSA A/R - Invoices: How to use memorize invoice process in the Accounts Receivable module

How to use memorize invoice process in the Accounts Receivable module

The following steps walk through the process of creating an invoice, memorizing the invoice transaction template, and using the memorized template to create a new transaction. 

  1. Create an invoice
  2. Memorize the invoice (create an invoice template)
  3. Create an invoice transaction using the invoice template (create from memorized)

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Create an invoice

Go into Accounts Receivable → Invoices and fill in the information. At this point, you may save the record by either clicking Submit or by clicking Memorize. Clicking Memorize will save the record and allow you to create an invoice template to use for future transactions.


Memorize the invoice

You may memorize an Invoice when you first create it or any time after that by pulling up the record and clicking the Memorize button.


Once you select the Memorize button, another screen will display prompting you to select options to trigger how frequently this transaction would be created (Frequency), how soon the next transaction should be created (Next Date), and the date after which no additional transactions will be created from this memorized template (Final Date).



Create an invoice transaction using the memorized template

This option will create invoices from all memorized invoice templates unless the Next Date is after the date specified in the 'Create Transactions as of:' field.

Go into the Memorized  → Create From Memorized Transactions.

Invoices will be created from all memorized invoice templates which have a Next Date on or before the 'Create Transactions as of:' date which must be filled in and submitted on this screen.

This final screen before the invoice transactions are created, gives you the chance to unmark the templates from which you are not yet ready to create memorized transactions.

The invoice will be dated the same as the Next Date rather than the Create Transactions as of date (if they are different dates).


After the transaction is created from the memorized invoice template, the next date will be incremented according to the frequency set up for this transaction and until the Final Date has been realized.


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