PSA A/R - Memorized: How to manage or view your memorized transactions

How to manage or view your memorized transactions

Once you have created a transaction template by using the Memorize button, the Memorized Invoices Option allows you to make three simple changes to the template: change the Next Date, change the Final Date, or delete the memorized transaction template. You may also use this option to simply view this information for each memorized transaction template. Click here to learn how to view detailed information.

 Go into Accounts Receivable → Memorized and select the Memorized Invoices option. 

Click into either date field and select the new date.  

Or, mark the box to the left of the transaction then click the Delete button to remove this memorized transaction template.



How to view detailed memorized transaction template information

To see the memorized transaction template details for all memorized transactions, go into the reports option of the Accounts Receivable Module. Then, select Transactions → Memorized Transactions.

Select the Detail option under Report Format.

The offsetting accounts and amounts are listed in addition to the customer, memorized transaction template description, and the amount.


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