PSG Admin - Email: How to send an email to all donors who give through ParishSOFT Giving

How to send an email to all donors who give through ParishSOFT Giving

While there is not currently a bulk email function in ParishSOFT Giving, there is a way to email all of your online givers through ParishSOFT Family Suite.

Although ParishSOFT Giving lets you email contribution statements to donors and to set up automatic donation acknowledgments, there is no way to compose and send an email to online donors through the ParishSOFT Giving software. However, there are two other possible methods to send an email to all of your online givers; both initially use IQ. To use the first method you must generate an email list to use with your own email provider. To use the second method you must us IQ to create a family workgroup and then filter for the workgroup to email through ParishSOFT email.

Each of these methods generates results for the current moment and the query must be re-run after time passes to ensure an updated list.

Both Methods: Create a query which selects all online givers

To use either method, start by building a query which selects all families with the word Import in the Comments field of the Contributions Table (see image below). These results will only email people who have actually given. People who have signed up but not donated will not receive emails.

Method 1: Generate an email list to use with your own email provider

  • Using the condition outlined above, add "Families: Contact Info: Email Address" to the Results Column, to generate an email list. 
  • Export your results to a CSV file and copy and paste the addresses into an email using your own email provider.
  • To ensure your list is updated, save this query and re-run it to generate the list each time you want to send a new email.

Method 2: Create a Family Workgroup for all online givers then email this workgroup through ParishSOFT Family Suite:

  • Using the condition outlined above, add "Families: Family DUID" to the Results Column; then, use IQ to create a Family Workgroup of your online givers. Use this new Family Workgroup as a filter to email your online givers through Family Suite.

  • To ensure your workgroup includes a complete list of all currently active online givers, you must do the following:

    After the initial time where you used IQ to create the family workgroup, you must delete this workgroup and then create the workgroup again through the same IQ Query. This will select all families who have given online including new families who just recently started using online giving. Doing this is not recommended in any other circumstance. Only delete this particular workgroup to update this particular email list.

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