PSA LRW - Reports: How to append reports

How to append reports 

If you would like one report with both the Statement of Financial Position and the Statement of Activities, you can create this report in the Ledger Report Writer module. First, in LRW, create a custom statement of each type. Then, link them together by appending them in "Other Statement Options."  Appending can also be used to link multiple reports of the same kind of statement.

Go to Ledger Report Writer, and click on Append Statements


Use the Select Statements dropdown to choose the custom ledger statements you want to list on the same report. 


As you select the statement you need, click the Add To List button.  Repeat these steps until you have all the necessary statements.

Click Preview Report to view the information. You can use the Remove (selected) or Remove All options to edit the list of statements.  You cannot memorize appended reports.


TIP: When you are first creating your Custom Ledger Statements that you later plan to merge into one report, name these custom statements so they sort in the order you want to append them. For example, '01 SOFP' and '02 SOA' will sort in that order; this makes selecting the statements easier when using the append option. 



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