PSFS Religious Ed (Legacy) - Reports: Why are only some special needs showing on the standard class roster?

Why are only some special needs showing on the class roster?


Although a record is set up for two or more special needs,  only one special need shows on the roster as shown in the two images below.



In the example above, the word "asthma" is missing.


Why not all special needs print and how to resolve the issue

The reason this happens is that within a member record, in the special needs text box, between the words "peanuts" and "asthma," the enter key was used instead of the space bar.

To resolve the issue, open up the student's member record, remove the space between "peanuts" and "asthma," and then key the space bar instead of the enter key. Then Save & Close.


Now regenerate the Standard Class Roster, and it should show all of the special needs:

Note: The maximum number of characters for special needs is 128. This may be less depending on spaces used in the field. 

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