PSG Forms- Payment Fields: How to set temporary pricing on a form

How to set temporary pricing on a form

Sometimes you like to have early-bird registration fees on a form for those in your congregation who register for events early.  To do this, you can set temporary pricing for the form until a certain date sometimes used for Early Bird Pricing.  You can also do more advanced settings like setting a short-term lower price and then have the form switch back to the previous pricing.  Both options are covered in this article.

How to set temporary Early Bird Pricing

  1. To set this, go to the payment field or fields on your form and go into field properties using the gear icon: (this is only for the calculated amount field).


  1. In the General Info section, go to the bottom of the Field Properties window and click Add Temporary Price.2018-06-11_11-13-44.jpg


  1. In this Example, the price is generally 10$, and after one week we want it to go up to 20$ for all the other registrations.  To do that, click Add Temporary Price and add an amount of 10$ to expire on the last date for Early-Bird registrations.  Then click Add Temporary Price and add a second Price to be applied after that date until the end of the event registration for 20$.


  1. So when the end of Early-Bird Registrations are processed, the following day the payment field will show the adjusted amount:

    This will now be the amount for registration until the end of the event.


How to set a temporary price that reverts back to the original price

  1. Go back to the Field Properties for the Payment field and to the Temporary Pricing for the Form.


  1. In this example we want the pricing to go down by 5$ for one week and then revert back to the original pricing of 10$.  We'll set it up like this:


  1. So now, the price will show as the discounted 5$ until the expiration date of 6/21/18 that we've set on the form.  Then it will revert to the 10$ we've entered to be valid until the end of the event.

You can now create different pricing for different dates for your forms as needed or desired.


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