PSG Admin - Password: How to reset your Manager Password for ParishSoft Giving

How to reset your Manager Password for ParishSOFT Giving 

We all forget our passwords once in a while or need to update them for security reasons.

  1. To update your password as a Giving Manager or Giving Admin simply go to the login screen for the Admin giving website for your organization.  Click the Forgot Password link.
  2. Enter the email you have listed for your account and click Submit.
  3. Once you click Submit, you will be given confirmation that the password reset has been processed.  Check your email now. (don't forget to check Spam)
  4. The password reset email will contain a temporary password reset link, which you can click to reset your password.
  5. The link will bring you to a screen where you can set up your new password.
    After you reset your password you will get a confirmation alert.
  6. You will now be able to log in with your new password to access your account. 

How to Reset your Manager Password while Logged in

  1. To set a new password go to your initials in the top right corner and choose Account from the drop-down.2019-06-28_15-20-49.jpg
  2. Click the checkbox for Change Password.
    Then enter your new password in the field provided.
  3. Hit Save at the bottom left of the manager account screen.




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