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Integration Checklist


Before you start integrating  ParishSoft Giving with ParishSoft Family Suite, there are a few things you need to do:

  1. Starting in ParishSoft Family Suite Offering module, get your Fund ID numbers. Fund List with Fund IDs You will soon want to add those to your PS Giving funds in the Fund Code field How to edit funds in PS Giving
  2. Still, in the Offering module in the left menu choose Settings, check the box Allow multiple funds per batch and save the change, otherwise, the integration will create a separate settlement batch for each fund.
  3. Now into ParishSoft Giving, check to see if envelope numbers are turned ON.  You can tell whether envelope numbers are enabled in PS Giving when you go to your Donors list. You will see a column with the header "Env #."
    mceclip1.png**If you do not see that column, open a donor record. If the field "Envelope Number" field is not available in a donor's profile, you will need to contact support to turn it on either for administrators only or for both your parishioners and administrators.
  4. Once you have envelope numbers enabled, make sure each donor who has an envelope number in Family Suite has it listed in their giving profile (see How to update or change donor envelope numbers in ParishSoft Giving).  Once the integration is turned on, the envelope number helps to match the donor record to the family record in Family Suite.
  5. Enter the URL for your ParishSOFT Family Suite Site and your Family Suite OrgID into the ChMS login credentials field of the giving site. Click Save Credentials. If you get an error here, you may need to contact support to get the correct URL.
  6. On the next page, add one fund mapping to start (How to map funds in ParishSoft Giving) and once you have one fund mapped, click "Enable ParishSoft Integration." Carry on mapping the remainder of your funds. (Step 2 and onward: How to set up ChMS Integration in ParishSOFT Giving.) 

How PSG Integration transactions are recorded in ParishSOFT

Donor Integration - how the software knows to which record to assign the donation

If a family/member record has previously been matched with a PS Giving (PSG) donation, the family/member ParishSOFT Family Suite (PSFS) DUID will often be populated in the Giving Site's Match Profiles area, and all future donations from that family/member will automatically post to their Family Suite record based on the match that is made in the giving site (and displayed in the Match Profiles area). "Batches" will come in with a status 'integration.' The Giving system will match records or suggest matches to records based on the following: First Name, Last Name, Email. Once all of the transactions in the PSG batch have been matched, the DMO batch will close. 

If you run into any issues not outlined or detailed in our articles, please contact ParishSOFT Support | email | 866.930.4774 ext 2. 


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