PSFS Ministry Scheduler - Scheduling: Why can't I generate a schedule?

Why can't I generate a schedule?

There are three common reasons a schedule will not generate:

Reason 1: No time was specified for the events you are scheduling

  1. Click Configuration
  2. In the Groups panel, select the desired ministry group.
  3. In the Events panel, select the event.
  4. Click the paper/pencil icon to open the Edit Event window.
  5. If there is not event time specified, add one.

Reason 2: No ministers in the ministry are assigned to the events you are scheduling

  1. Click Minister Directory.
  2. Click the funnel to open the Advanced Filter Window.
  3. Select a ministry group.
  4. Select a ministry.
  5. Select an event.
  6. Click Apply Filter to view a list of ministers assigned to the event.
  7. Add the ministers who are not on the list but are supposed to be.

Reason 3: No ministers are specified as being needed for the event


Click the following link to learn how to view or edit the number of ministers needed for this event.

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