PSFS Ministry Scheduler - Scheduling: Why can't a minister log in to the website?

Why can't a minister log in to the website?

There are two possible reasons a minister cannot log in.

Reason 1: Incorrect passwords are the most common cause.


Reason 2: The minister's registration application was denied because the software could not find the user in the database.

  • The software automatically approves a user's registration only if it can find a unique match in the ParishSOFT database for each of the following items of information for the user:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Postal Code
    • E-mail Address
  • The most likely reason for a registration failure is the software cannot find an email address for the minister. 
  • If a registration attempt fails, the application alerts the member and puts his or her registration on hold. To find the sources of the failure and resolve it, take the following steps:
    1. Select the Home tab.
    2. Select the New Users in Suspense link to display the User Registrations page.
    1. Look for this user in the Family Directory:
      • If you find an entry for the user, when you accept the new registration information, you can immediately update the Family Directory record with the new registration details by clicking Approve Registration.
      • If you do not find an entry for the user in Family Directory, you can create a new entry using the details from the new user registration by clicking Approve Registration.
        • An automatic e-mail with a temporary password and login information is sent to the minister who can log in with the new credentials.
      • If you do not approve the registration, note the reasons in the Review Notes section then click X Deny Registration. The information is recorded in the Suspense History log.

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