PSFS Ministry Scheduler - Scheduling: Why wasn't a particular minister auto-scheduled or available for manual scheduling?

Why wasn't a particular minister auto-scheduled or available for manual scheduling?

There are several reasons why a minister may not be auto-scheduled. The following steps will help you figure out why for your particular circumstances. You are more likely to find your resolution faster if you follow these steps in the given order:

Step 1: Run an Unscheduled Ministers Report. This report will give the names of ministers who were not scheduled and offers the reason why.

  1. Click Ministry Scheduler → Reports
  2. Under Select Report, select Unscheduled Ministers.
  3. Under Select Filtering Options, select the ministry group, ministry, and event for which you are creating a schedule.
  4. Select the schedule's date range.
  5. If desired, select sorting options to determine the format of the report.
  6. Click the button, Click Here to View Report.
    • The report will list all available ministers that match your filter options.
    • Find the minister in question. Look in the Reason column to find out why the individual was not scheduled. 

Step 2: Using the information in the Unscheduled Ministers report, open the individual minister's record to find out if there are settings that are preventing his/her availability.

  1. Click Minister Directory to display the Minister Directory page.
  2. Locate the entry for the unscheduled minister.
  3. Click the Paper/Pencil Edit icon to display the individual ministers record.
  4. Check the following:
    • If the minister's assignment end date has passed, the minister will not be scheduled (auto nor manual)
    • If the Trained? box is not checked, the minister will not be auto-scheduled
    • If the Temp Inactive box is checked, the minister will not be scheduled (auto nor manual)
    • If the Sub Only? box is checked, the minister may only be manually scheduled.
  5. Check the minister's member status to ensure he or she is not deceased or inactive. If the status is deceased or inactive, the minister will not be auto-scheduled
  6. Check the Individual's minister preferences to determine if serving preferences or exception dates are interfering with his or her availability. Check the following:
    • On the Schedule Exceptions and Exceptions By Event tabs, look at minister’s schedule exceptions and compare them with the schedule’s date range and events. If the dates overlap, a scheduling conflict exists that is preventing the minister from being scheduled.
    • On the Minister Profile tab, make sure that the minister does not have assignments for other events or ministries that make him or her unavailable to serve in the ministry in question.
    • On the Minister Family Preferences tab, note if the option is marked as Yes to Avoid scheduling family members at different Sunday obligation events. If so this may be your conflict.
  7. Check to see if the Sunday Obligation Mass setting is checked for events that occur in the same weekend.


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