PSFS Support - How to Contact Support about Technical Issues with the Software

If you are experiencing a technical issue with the software, please contact our Support Team using the following options:

  1. Support Icon on PS Dashboards:
    • The phone icon navigates users to the Support landing page:
    • Here users can get help by completing a request for support form. These forms are submitted directly to our support team. When submitting a request form, please ensure you are including a full description with explicit details of the technical issue you are experiencing. Screenshots are the most helpful. The more information you can provide about a problem you are experiencing, the better we can assist you.
  2. Live represenatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday 8AM - 7PM EST via phone or email: | (866) 930-4774 ext. 2
  3. If you are looking to start your subscription with us, or add a module, you will want to speak with a ParishSOFT sales representative: 930-4774 ext. 1


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