PSG Reports - Auto Reports: How to create and edit Auto Reports

How to create and Edit Auto Reports in ParishSoft Giving

Auto Reports are great for getting an automated report of recent transactions in ParishSoft Giving sent to an email address (or multiple Addresses) of your choice, and Edit Auto Reports when you need to make changes.

1.) Go to Reports and select Auto Reports from the drop-down menu.


2.) Click Add Auto Report.


3.) Fill out a Name for your Report (just like naming a form or a fund), make sure you have the checkbox for Enabled selected, choose a format of either having the report in the body of the email or as an attachment, enter in the email address or addresses you would like the report to be sent to, and select the frequency in which the report is sent to you.  Then hit Save.


You have now successfully created a report that will be automatically sent to you whenever transactions are made on your Giving Site.

Edit Auto Reports

If you wish to add other emails to this report in the future, all you need to do is go into the Auto Reports and hit the Action button at the end of the report you wish to edit. 


The Edit Auto Report window will come up and allow you to make changes.  Then just hit Save when you're done.

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