PSG Forms - Form Properties | General Info: How to allow recurring / scheduled payments in a form

How to allow recurring/scheduled payments in a form

This is no longer in the General Info section. It's in the Payment Section.

  1. When editing a form, go to the bottom left corner and select Form Properties:
  2. Then in the General Info section select: "Enable member portal" and "Enable recurring payments":
  3. Then the rest is up to the member who is filling out the form:
    • When filling out the form, if they have not already logged in on the form, then when they click the option for "make this payment recurring", it will prompt them to log in:
      → Forms_-_Login.png
    • They will then be able to choose how frequently they give, how many payments they want the amount spread out over (it must be at least 2 payments), and what date they wish to schedule this recurring donation to start on:


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