PSFS Religious Ed (Legacy) - Lookup Tables: 3) How to delete a record from the Religious Ed. lookup tables

How to delete a record from the Religious Ed. lookup tables

Managing lookup tables is only available for users with administrative privileges. You must talk to your supervisor if you think you should have these privileges.

This article uses an example of how to delete a building. However, it works the same for Departments, Grades, Leader Roles, and School Type. Simply select the pertinent one from the Religious Ed Table menu and follow the instructions below. Rooms are slightly different and therefore have their own article, How to delete a room.

You cannot delete a building if it has rooms associated with it. You must delete the rooms first. You cannot delete a department if it is currently active.

  1. To display the Lookup Management screen:
    • In Religious Ed, select Lookup Management.
    • In Administration, select Lookups .
  2. In the Tables panel in the Religious Ed. group, select BuildingsA (or whichever *table you would like to update).
  3. To the left of the *building you want to delete, click the delete buttonB.
  4. When prompted to confirm the deletion, click OKC

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