PSFS Religious Ed (Legacy) - Configuration: How to add a session to a term

How to add a session to a term

  1. Click Configuration, then Manage Sessions.
  2. Click +Add Session.

How to complete the New Session setup

  1. In Step 1: Session Details, verify the correct Term was selected. If not, use the drop down arrow to select the correct session.
  2. Fill in the Session Name and press Enter. Step 2: Date Schedule will expand.
  1. Click + Add Schedule.

  1. In Add Schedule, Step 1, select the days of the week this session will meet.
  2. In Add Schedule, Step 2, select the frequency this session will meet.
    • If 1 + Week(s) Each Month is selected, you will be required to fill in the weeks each month the session will meet as shown in the image below.
  1. Once you have selected the days and frequency, click the Add Schedule button at the bottom of the window. The Schedules display will be updated for your selection. Also, A calendar & table will be displayed below the Schedules display, so you can add and remove particular dates.
  1. Finalize the session's schedule by doing one or more of the following:

    •  To remove all days, click Remove All.

    • To add a date to the session, click the date on the calendar. The selected date will be highlighted in green to indicate it was added to the schedule.

    • To remove a date from the session, click the remove button  to the left of the date in the table.

  1. When done, click the Save Session button at the bottom. 


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