PSG Forms - Form Responses: How to sort and export form responses

How to sort and export form responses

  1. Go to Forms.

  2. In Form Manager, you may sort the form by responses or filter the forms to narrow down the number of forms that list on the page.

  3. To find the form with the responses, you may use one of several techniques.

    • Use the search field to search for the form by name.

    • Use the funnel button to toggle two search filter options: Status and Category; filter on either of these or both.

    • Use the ellipses to the right of any column header to sort the column by ascending or descending order.

  4. Once you find your form, click on the responses button as shown above.
  5. This will bring you to a page with the responses.
    • Here you may move any column left or right.
    • Or use the ellipses to the right of any column header to filter the form responses.
    • Here's is an example of the options the Payment ellipse offers:
  6. When you have ordered the columns and filtered the form responses according to your preference, you may export the responses to Excel.

How to print and delete form responses

  1. To print a form response, click on the individual response you wish to print.
  2. Once you're in the response, select the type of data format you would like to use for printing (i.e. Completed Form, Raw Data, or Payments).

    The COMPLETED FORM option looks like an actual form:

    The Raw Data option just includes the data from the form without the formatting.
    The Payment History option looks like this:
  3. Click the Print button in the top right corner.
  4. To delete a response from the form simply click the Trash Can button.


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