PSFS Religious Ed (Legacy) - Configuration: How to add a new term record

How to add a new term record



  1. In the Religious Education tab, click Configuration, then Manage Terms.

  2. Click New Term.
  3. Fill in the Term Record fields.

    • Term: This field is for the Term Name; use a unique and descriptive name such as Summer 2018 or 2018 - 2019.
    • Start Date and End Date: This date range may not be edited once sessions are attached to the term. Making the date range longer than anticipated will help manage unanticipated schedule changes.
      • The term may need to be extended by a week or two due to class cancellations. 
      • Note: the date ranges for various terms may overlap with the summer term scheduled to end sometime mid-September and the fall term scheduled for the beginning of September.
  4. Click Save. The term will now display in the grid on the ConfigurationManage Terms page.
  5. Set a Default Term: (optional) Once you have added the term, and have left the Manage Terms page, once you select the newly added term from any Term list in the application, this term will become the default selection. For example, when you add a class to this term, once you select this newly added term once, it will be the default term until you change the selection the same way.



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