PSA Payroll - Checks: How to correct a payroll check that was voided in error and then the voiding entry was reversed

How to correct a payroll check that was voided in error and then the voiding entry was reversed

If a payroll check has been voided, the void cannot/should not be reversed with a journal entry. To correct a payroll check that was voided in error, a new payroll will need to be created to replace the voided record. If a journal entry was created to reverse the void, the journal entry will need to be deleted or reversed. 

To recreate the payroll check which was voided in error, re-issue the check in its own new payroll process. Since the original check number was voided, the software will not allow you to use that same check number again. The check number can be re-used only if an alpha character is added to the end of the check number to make it unique.   

How voiding a paycheck and issuing a new paycheck affects personal time

Voiding the original paycheck only affects the financial aspect of payroll and does not reverse the personal time accrued for the check. However, if the replacement check has the same date as the original, the personal time will not be doubled. If the replacement check has a different date than the original (in most cases it should not), the personal time will be accrued for both the original and the replacement check and you will have to take the steps below to prevent this or to remove it.

When you run a replacement payroll, mark the box to turn off personal time accrual as shown here.  This will only turn it off for this one payroll process.

Marking this box will prevent the Personal Time hours from doubling when replacing a voided paycheck. 

If you forget to mark this box, simply remove the duplicate entry as follows: bring up the Employee record, go into the Personal Tab, note the two entries for Personal Time (one on the original check date and one on the re-issued check date), and click the red X to the left of the Personal Time on the replacement check date.


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