PSG Forms - Forms Manager: How to print form responses in ParishSOFT Giving

How to print form responses in ParishSOFT Giving

While blank forms may not be printed, forms including responses may be printed as follows. 

  1. Go to Forms and click on the  # Responses link to the direct right of the Published tag for the form.
  2. Once on the Responses page, you can print responses in two different ways: Individually or in bulk. To print in bulk, skip to step 5. To print responses Individually continue to step 3.  
  3. To print Individual responses, click the link to one of the responses.
  4. This will bring the submission details up for you to view. 
    • You have two choices, Completed Form and Raw Data. 
    • Both are printable using the printer icon on the far right, and
    • Here is what each view looks like:

      Completed Form: Prints in the format of a populated form.2019-03-27_14-01-37.jpg

      Raw Data: Prints in 'data-only' format.
      Note: You may also delete the submission/response entirely by clicking on the garbage can icon to the left of the printer icon. 
  5. To print in Bulk, click on Export as CSV (bottom right corner of the screen) to export all the information your registrants have filled out on the form in an easy to read Excel file.
  6. You can then print the file, sort, or format it as needed.


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