PSG Forms - Form Properties | Payment: How to add a discount option

How to add a discount option

  1. Once you have entered the edit screen of your form, select the Form Properties option at the bottom left corner of the screen:
  2. Select the Payment tab at the top right corner of the Properties screen:Form_Properties.png
  3. Select the option to "Enable discount code":Payment_-_Options.png
  4. Select the option "+ Add A Discount":
  5. Enter in the discount code as you would like it to be typed by users.  IN this example the discount code is "50%"and since Percentage amount is selected, the 50.00 will be a percentage discount.  If desired additional discounts may be added as well:percentage_discount.png

  6. Once the discount option has been added, X out of the Form Properties:
  7. Then in the bottom right corner of the form choose the save option:


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