PSG Fund Management: How to activate/deactivate funds

How to activate and deactivate funds


Marking the fund as active or as inactive allows you to control when and if a donor may give to a particular fund. Adding a fund start and end date also gives you this control.  Funds must be active in order for donors to give to them, or for start and end dates to apply.

Funds are automatically set to active when created. 

So if you have any funds in Fund Management that are set to "Inactive," it's because someone went into fund management and manually deactivated the fund, or the fund has a start date that has not started yet.


To deactivate a fund:

  1. Click the Fund Management option on the Navigation Panel on the left.Navigation_Pain_on_Dashboard_fund_management.png
  1.  Choose the fund you want to deactivate and go to the action button at the end of the row and select the option to Deactivate Fund from the drop-down.
  2. You will receive an alert about deactivating the fund.  Click Yes if you wish to Deactivate the fund.
  3. The fund will now show in the Fund Management list as inactive.




To activate a fund:

  1. To go into the Fund Management page, click the Gear action button in the upper right corner then select the Fund Management card (top/center).
  2. Choose the fund you want to activate and go to the action button at the end of the row. Select the option to Activate Fund from the drop-down.
  3. Click Yes in response to the pop-up if you wish to activate the fund.
  4. The Fund will now show in the Fund Management list as active.




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