PS Administration - Bookmarks: How to update your browser bookmark for your ParishSOFT product web address

How to update your browser bookmark for the new ParishSOFT product web address

To bookmark your  ParishSOFT product web address, you must go to the web site and then add it as a bookmark. To learn important information about pop-up blockers and saved passwords for your new site, click here.

There are two ways you may get to the new website: enter the new web address in the address bar or go to the old website which will automatically re-direct your screen to the new website. Once you are on the site with the updated web address, follow the instructions below for your browser to learn how to bookmark the page.

Select the link for the browser you use to access the ParishSOFT Accounting.

   Google Chrome

   Microsoft Edge

  Microsoft Internet Explorer

   Mozilla Firefox




How to add the ParishSOFT Accounting site icon to your desktop

  1. While on the ParishSOFT Accounting website, select the Customer and control Google Chrome icon  (top right corner of screen).
  2. Select More tools.
  3. Select Add to desktop.


Since you added the desktop icon through Chrome, when you launch ParishSOFT Accounting from this desktop icon, it will open in Chrome.


How to add ParishSOFT Accounting to my favorites, bookmarks bar, in Chrome

  • Click the star in upper right corner of the screen (as shown above).
  • You may edit the name associated with this Bookmark as shown in the image (below left). 
  • Next save the site to the bookmarks bar (as shown below left) by clicking Done

Each time you open a new window in your Chrome browser, the bookmarks bar will display across the top of the screen just below the address bar, including the ParishSOFT Accounting link  (as shown below right). 






How to pin your ParishSOFT Accounting site to your taskbar in Edge

The taskbar is generally found at the bottom of your screen where icons for your pinned applications as well as your open applications are displayed. While you are on your new ParishSOFT Accounting website, if you select the Settings and more menu button , and select Pin this page to the taskbar, the ParishSOFT Accounting website icon will be displayed in the taskbar for easy selection.


How to add ParishSOFT Accounting to my favorites in Edge

  1. While in Edge with the ParishSOFT Accounting site displayed, select the Add to favorites button (star); follow the red arrow in the image below.
  2. Rename the favorite if you want, and then select Add.

How to show the favorites bar in Edge

  1. While in Edge, click or tap the Settings and more menu button in the upper right corner of the program. The button is represented by three aligned dots. 
  2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Under the Favorites bar section, toggle the Show the favorites bar option to the On position. You will then see your new bookmark just under the address bar at the top of the screen.



 Internet Explorer 

How to add ParishSOFT Accounting to my favorites in Internet Explorer

  1. While in Internet Explorer with the ParishSOFT Accounting site displayed, click the favorites button (star).
  2. This will display the Add to favorites drop-down option. Select the carrot to the right.
  3. Select the option to Add to Favorites bar from the drop-down.

How to get your favorites bar to display in Internet Explorer

  1. Right click on the favorites star in the upper right corner. 
  2. A menu will display which will allow you to select which bar tools you would like to display in your browser.
  3. Select the Favorites bar (making sure it has a check to the left as shown below)
  4. The ParishSOFT Accounting bookmark will now display under the address bar.




How to add ParishSOFT Accounting to my favorites in Firefox

  1. Enter the website address.
  2. Select the bookmarks icon .
  3. Select the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder.
  4. Click Done.


This will display the ParishSOFT Accounting icon on the Toolbar as shown below.

How to add ParishSOFT Accounting to your home page in Firefox

To add ParishSOFT Accounting to your home page in Firefox, click into the tab which says ParishSOFT Accounting and drag it into the house just below.

You will then be prompted to make this your new home page. If you select, yes, the next time you bring up Firefox, it will default to the ParishSOFT Accounting site.



Tap the bookmark icon then tap on “Edit” Tap on Location, then choose “Favorites” to move the bookmark to the primary favorites page.


How to enter the new web address

There are three things you must heed to make this transition smooth:

  1. web address: Your new web address is exactly the same as the old except in place of the words connectnowaccounting you will now use the words parishsoftaccounting.
    1. If managed by a diocese:  your new site will begin with your diocese name and end with
    2. If an independent church: you will use managerchurch, or church2 before
  2. password: If you had saved your password for the prior site and don't remember it, you will have to use the forgot password linkIf you do this, you may need to check your spam for the reset password email.
  3. pop-up blockers: The software uses pop-ups to print checks and some PDF reports.  You may need to disable pop-up blockers for this new site. Below, if you click on the link for your browser, you will be taken to a page that teaches you how to update pop-up blockers for that browser. 

Manage your pop-up blocker

 Google Chrome   Edge  Internet Explorer   Firefox  Safari


The address bar is at the top of your browser window. The screen shot below shows an example of the web address for the google search engine in the address bar.



Type your ParishSOFT Accounting website into the address bar and press the enter key on your keyboard. This should take you to your ParishSOFT Accounting login screen

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