PSG Admin - How to install the Giving Kiosk App and configure your kiosk

How to install the Giving Kiosk App and configure your kiosk

Once you have filled out the order form and been sent your software license and card reader:

First, turn on your Apple iPad, go to "Settings" and check/update these settings:

  • Bluetooth: Off (Settings → Bluetooth)
  • Volume: Full Volume (Settings → Sounds → Ringer And Alerts → All the way to the right)
  • Change Volume with Buttons: Enabled ( Settings → Sounds → Change with Buttons → Green)
  • Location Services: On (Settings → Privacy → Location Services → Green)
  • Microphone: Slider green (Settings → Privacy → Microphone)
  • Guided Access: Off (Settings → General → Accessibility → Guided Access → Off)
  • Wifi: On (Settings → Wifi → On → Choose Network and connect)
  • iOS Software up to Date: (Settings → General → Software Update)

If Re-installing, first go to the iPad Settings → General → Device Management → Kiosk Profile → Remove Management

Before you install the Kiosk App, these first steps should be done from your desktop computer logged in to your PS Giving Admin page:

  • Go to the Configure wheel (Gear icon) and select the "Kiosk" card.kiosk_tile.png
  • Upload your church logo (475x66 pixels works best) and background image (2048x1536)
  • Customize your Kiosk Application Preferences such as One-Time Payments, Event Registration, and set your 4-digit security pin.

To Install

  1. Make sure you are connected to a WiFi signal, open the Safari browser, and update to the latest iOS version (Settings→Software Update)
  2. Insert the card reader (you were sent with your software license) into the headphone jack
  3. Open your iPad camera and point at the QR code:
  4. Click on the link that appears (Download→ would you like to install "Kiosk 2021"→Install)
  5. Once you have installed the Kiosk app, click on your iPad Home button to return to the Home page.
  6. Go to iPad Settings→General→VPN & Device Management→Site Organic, LLC→Trust "Site Organic, LLC"→Trust
  7. Go to the Kiosk by Ministry Brands icon and enter your PS Giving manager login credentials
  8. Select "Kiosk" mode and you'll now make a test donation
  9. Select the fund and enter the amount for the test donation, enter giver info, and Complete Gift.
  10. You'll see a prompt "Giving Kiosk would like to access microphone" click "OK"
  11. Now swipe your credit card with the stripe facing down.
  12. You should see "Thank you for your donation" and you can close the app.

Your iPad is now ready to accept donations. 

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