PSG Forms - Adding Fields: How to add and use the calculated amount payment fields

How to use the calculated amount payment fields

When you want to limit the number of items or registrations on an event, you will likely need to use a payment field titled "Calculated Payment" in the Forms Manager.

To show you how this works we've created an example Registration Form with 2 Registrations. 

  1. Go to Form Manager and either create a new Registration form, use one of the templates, or edit an existing Registration Form.  In this case, we'll select a form we've already created on the Demo Site.
  2. Add the field "Calculated Payment" to the bottom of the form after your registration sections by clicking the words "Calculated Payment." Click the link for additional information on how to add a field.
  3. The field will now show at the bottom of your form and the Field Properties Window should show up.
  4. Fill in your Name, Max Quantity per person, Total Quantity of Items, Item Price, and choose a fund for the payment to go to.  For this example, we chose a max quantity of 2 per person because the form is only for the Registration of 2 people.  We chose a Total quantity of 25 to simulate a smaller group of people.
  5. Go to the "Conditions" section of the Feild Properties and click the radial button for "Under Certain Conditions".  This will allow you to add Conditions for the field.  You must add a condition for each item you have available on your form.  In this case, we tied the field to each T-Shirt Size available.  It will properly count the number of available items this way.
  6. Save & Publish the form.  The field will not work if the Form is still in Draft.
  7. Go to Preview Form to see the field in action.  You must choose an item, and then enter the number of items you are purchasing into the Calculated Payment Field.

    Only when these fields are filled in will you get the option to enter your Payment Information, and the Form will Calculate your Subtotal for the Transaction.

    Your registrants can now pay.


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