PS Administration - Enhancement Requests: How to request an enhancement to the software 

How to request an enhancement to the software 

Please note, there must be one request submitted per report, screen, process, etc.


To ensure that your software request is feasible and relays exactly what you want, email support answering the following questions.

What does the software currently do?

  • List the exact icons and menu selections you use to get to the report, screen, or process which is the subject of this enhancement request.

What do you need the software to do and why?

  • State in detail, the business need this enhancement would meet and the hardship you face without this change.
  • Summarize your goal.
  • Summarize what is preventing your goal.
  • Describe how the report, screen, or process currently operates or looks
  • If you are requesting a new report, please attach a mock-up of the report exactly as you would like to see it.

What are you requesting?

  • Describe in detail the change your are requesting.
  • Provide a mock-up of what you'd like to see on the report, screen, etc. and attach it to your email.

Provide any additional comments not covered by the above questions. 


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