PS Administration - Reports: How to open a CSV file so all of the data is not in one column

How to open a CSV file so all of the data is not in one column

If all of the data is in column A and you can see the commas and quotation marks in the file, then you are seeing the properly formatted CSV file from ParishSOFT Accounting or from ParishSOFT Family Suite.  CSV is the acronym for Comma Separated Value. Click here for an example.

The easiest way to fix this is to save your file as an Xlsx file if available. This option will result in each category of data opening in its own column. (Although this example is from the accounting software, it is equally true for the family suite software)

If the Xlsx option is not available, you may do the following to update your file so each category of data is in its own column.

  1. In Excel, you need to use the feature "Text to Columns" found in the Data tab.
  2. Before opening "Text to Columns" you need to Select All of your data (Ctrl-A).
  3. Depending on the version of Excel and the menu option you are using it may look different, but you can find it in the Data menu option.  (See two screenshots below to find the one that matches your version)

  4. Selecting Text to Columns will open a wizard. In the first window of the wizard choose "Delimited."
  5. And in the second choose "Comma" and click Finish.




Example of CSV file before converting through Text to Columns option

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