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How to set up "Auto-pay" for your monthly invoice

To pay your monthly invoice automatically, you can add card or bank account information under Billing Settings; these invoices will be paid automatically each month. To implement auto-pay, you must add a billing method for your organization.

  1.  Click the Gear action button in the upper right corner; then select the Settings card (top/left).

  2. You will find the Billing Settings section at the top left of the Settings Page
  3. Under Billing Settings, click Add or Update - Delete to add or change the type of payment method you would like to allow. You can add either a Credit Card or a Checking Account.
    • When you select Add or Update - Delete, you will get one of two windows where you must fill out the payment information for the selected method.  If your Church has a bank account stored in ParishSOFT Giving, but no credit card, your payment will go through automatically as an ACH.
  4. Once you have filled in the required data, click Save.  You will then see a green bar with the words on file after the chosen method.

    Once you've successfully added a payment method for your organization.  It may take up to 5-7 business days after the bill is sent before the account can be charged.


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