IMP MISC General: Guidelines for Entering a Business in ParishSOFT

Guidelines for entering a Business or Organization

From the Add New Family page use the following guidelines for entering a Business or Organization into the Family List. 

  1. Prefix = Unknown (If your lookup values do not contain an unknown prefix value, one may be added by your diocesan or parish administrator.)
  2. First Name field should contain either a “.” Or “-“
    • This will satisfy the required field and not interfere with the display of the tag name on the Family or Member lists.
  3. Last Name - Enter the full Business Name in the last name field (this allows for easy look-up in the Family and Member Lists)
  4. Member Type = Head
  5. Gender should consistently be entered as either “M” or “F” for all businesses. 
  6. Family Group = Diocesan/Parish preference, typically Active.
  7. Registration Status = Unchecked (Not Registered)
  8. Mailing Name & Salutation Fields should be manually populated with Full Business Name or
    • If diocese/parish would like a business owners name in the Salutation Fields they may do so, or include a generic salutation of “Friend”.


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