IMP FS Transition: Steps

Transition Steps

For some of the steps below, you will work with a member of the ParishSOFT team and for other steps, you’ll complete the work on your own.  These steps are very important for a smooth transition. Our Implementation Team will be in touch and available for questions you may have along the way. 

Step #1

Review the data that you will be transitioning into the ParishSOFT Family Suite program. Below we have provided links to some frequently asked questions and our transition checklist.

Frequently Asked Questions
Transition Checklist

These documents will guide you and provide important information on what to do prior to, during, and following your data transition.

Step #2

On your scheduled backup day (which is the business day before your scheduled transition start date) …

If your software is locally installed, you will need to back up your ParishSOFT desktop database. The link below provides details for backing up your data to our ftp site.

Desktop FTP Backup Instructions

If we host your data through Remote Solutions, the ParishSOFT Implementations Team will pull your backup after the close of business on your scheduled backup day.

Important:  Once you submit your backup you and your staff should no longer make updates to your data.  You may use your current system as READ ONLY. 

Step #3

The transition of your ParishSOFT Desktop data to your ParishSOFT Family Suite stage site will take approximately 3 business days to complete from the start date. 

Step #4 

While ParishSOFT is completing the technical work for transitioning your data now is the time to sign-up and register for our PATHFinder Learning System using the link below and the code you were emailed.

PATHFinder Self-Signup & Registration

This online learning system will allow all staff to complete a set of courses based on their individual training needs, at a time and pace that fits their schedules. Training makes your transition to new software and your day-to-day work more efficient and enjoyable, so we recommend that your staff register and start training right away.

Be sure that at least one person in your organization takes training for each program module in the Family Suite that you have purchased.  If your Diocese has scheduled ParishSOFT hands-on training, make sure you have signed up with your diocese to attend. 

Step #5

When the transition of your data is complete, you will receive an email with your login information. Your data will be placed in a read-only format for review.  To guide you through the review and validation of your data in the ParishSOFT Family Suite please refer to the documents below.

Data Validation Checklist
Data Validation Checklist Video
Transition Reports Overview

We recommend that you use the record counts you gathered from step #4 of the Transition Checklist in the data validation process.

Should you have any questions or find discrepancies in your transitioned data please email or call 866-930-4774 x 3.  Once you are satisfied with the results of the transitioned data you will respond to the login email with your official acceptance of the data and we will provide you full access.

Step #6

Begin Using and Enjoy your ParishSOFT Family Suite!


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