PSDio Census - Workgroups: How to see diocesan Workgroups in Family Details

How to see diocesan Workgroups in Family Details

This article is to help you understand how you can see diocesan Workgroups for a family in their Family Details screen and to explain why, in some cases, you might not see them.  Workgroups are used to filter members that have a particular thing in common.

  1. First, add families to a diocesan workgroup. Next Click on the people icons next to a family to view the family details
  2. Click on the Notes tab to see their dio Workgroups. Here is an example of seeing the Workgroups displayed in notes:
  3. But for our other family, the Workgroups do not display:
  4. The reason the Workgroups did not display for the second family is that they don't have an organizational relationship to the diocese. Go to the Family Details tab and move that family into to the diocese1 as unregistered2, as shown below:
  5. When you return to the Workgroup section of the Family Details screen you will see the Workgroups now show up:
  6. The reason you can only see the diocesan Workgroups this way is that when you are viewing a family's details, you are viewing them through whichever organization is selected from the org selector in the top right corner. If the diocese is not one of those organizations, you will not be able to view this family from the perspective of the diocese. 


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