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How to pay overdue invoices

Invoices are separate from your processing fees and include:

  • The ParishSOFT Giving Security Fee
    • usually, $10.00 per bank account attached to the giving site
  • The Text Giving Fee (if applicable, then $5 per month)
  • Any fee for your account plan that is tied to not meeting processing amount minimums.

Sometimes something goes wrong with the main saved billing method and a few of these invoices go unpaid for more than 30 days.  Once an Invoice (as found under the Gear Icon in the top right, in the Invoices section) is overdue, it must be paid with a credit card.


How to pay with a credit card

  1. Click on "Click Here to View your invoice and make a payment" (or go to the Gear Icon and then select Invoices.  Click on the Invoice you wish to make a payment on).
  2. You will now be looking at your Overdue Invoice.  Click on the "Pay Online by Credit Card" option at the bottom of the Invoice.
  3. Fill out the Payment Method Information in the Payment Form2018-03-13_12-40-46.jpg
  4. Click "Submit."

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