IMP FS Transition: Checklist

Transition Checklist: to be completed by the parish prior to transition


This checklist should serve as a guide of what to do prior, during and following transition


Family Directory Module:

  • Run Duplicate Checker to eliminate any duplicates within your parish data.
  • **Synchronizing Parishes Only - Verify Synchronization is current.  
  • Make sure all ParishSOFT Desktop users have a named Staff Member Record in your database with login credentials, and both a Family and a Member record in your parish database for that staff member.
    • This is required for the staff record to be displayed in the new ParishSOFT Family Suite platform.
    • Passwords must be at least 6 characters long and contain two numbers.
    • "Pass" will no longer be a valid password.
  • Member/Family pictures do not migrate over to ParishSOFT Family Suite. You will have to re-import once on the new system.
  • Please record the following counts from desktop prior to transition. You may want to print the checklist to record your counts. They will be used for post-transition review in ParishSOFT Family Suite:

Family Directory Counts 

“Registered” Families - In Membership display, choose Registered → All groups. Record the number of records from bottom right corner here _______ and/or on your Family Directory Counts sheet #1

“Both” Families - Same process as above, just choose "Both" & "All groups" in the Membership Display.  Record number.

“Both” Families in the “Active” Family Group - Same process as above, just change "All Groups" to "Active." Record number. In the case below, 110. *Note: You will use this number for the "Families/Members to receive envelopes" and "Send no mail" calculations below.

Families/Members to Receive Envelopes - 1) Reports  2) Parishsoft reports 3) Census menu 4) Family Filtering and sorting 5) Choose "Both, Envelopes & Active." 7)  Click "Show results." Record that number.


“Do Not Send Mail” Families - 1) Reports  2) Parishsoft reports 3) Census menu 4) Family Filtering and sorting

5) Choose "Both, Envelopes & Active."

6) Check the box for "Don't print 'Send no mail' families."

7)  Click "Show results."

8) In the resulting table, record the number of records.  In this case, 109. Record that number on the checklist in the "Send Mail" blank.


Subtract that number from the Total number of families from the "Both" number above. That will give you the number of families who do not want mail. In this case, 111 - 109 = 2 "Do Not Send Mail" Families

Family Workgroups - From the Family Directory screen → Modules → Family and Dynamic Workgroups → print the list of each workgroup or export to a CSV.

Offering & Pledges Counts

Funds – Just a list of funds (must have fund access to view funds)
Contribution Totals - Reports > Parishsoft reports → Contributions 3-yr Summary
Pledge Totals Reports > Parishsoft reports → Pledges menu → choose fund → Print Report - All pledges.
Run a Pastor Report from your desktop application - Reports → Parishsoft reports → Contribution Reports → Periodic Contribution Reports → enter filter options → Recalculate → choose Pastor Report → Print Report.

Offering and Pledges:

ParishSOFT recommends that you close all Batches in the Offering module before the transition.  If you are unable to do so, you will have the opportunity to mass close the open batches once in ParishSOFT Family Suite.

  1. Hidden batches will not display in ParishSOFT Family Suite. You must unhide these batches prior to transition.
  2. Review and update Fund Numbers, ParishSOFT Family Suite only allows numbers and dashes.
    • For example, 123.4  or 123/4 will not transition; the acceptable format is 123-4.
  3. Review and update Fund Descriptions, ParishSOFT Family Suite only allows letters, numbers, and dashes.

Religious Education Module:

There is no work to be done on your part in preparation for the transition of Religious Education data.

 NOTE: The following fields do not transition to ParishSOFT Family Suite
  1. Student Records-fields
    • Attendance records
    • Knowledge
    • Attitude
    • Grade Pt.
    • Promote
  2. Milestones

Tuition Module:

Tuition funds, payments, and created invoices transition as non-deductible offering funds, contributions, and pledges. The pledges will be a total of the tuition invoice and will not disperse to the separate funds after the transition.  Tuition invoices and invoice templates do not transition from the desktop application. If you plan on using Tuition in ParishSOFT Family Suite you will need to set up that module and start fresh following your transition.  To help with this process we recommend you print out any open invoices from the Desktop.  Additionally, you may want to run a Full List Tuition Report for each year you have recorded Tuition in the Desktop.

Please refer to pages 166-170 in your Religious Education User Guide for instructions.

Time & Talent Module:

Print/Save a copy of at least three months of your schedules before the transition, so the person doing the scheduling has time to learn to use the new system.

 NOTE: Time & Talent Schedules, Exception Dates and Time Served Counts do not transition from the desktop.

Parish IQ and Custom Reports:

Parish IQ queries and Custom Reports do not transfer into ParishSOFT Family Suite. You will need to recreate any queries you wish to use in ParishSOFT Family Suite IQ.  Print out each of your desktop Parish IQ queries so you can easily rebuild them in ParishSOFT Family Suite IQ with the same columns and conditions.  Custom reports should be printed out if you plan to recreate those using ParishSOFT IQ and Mail Merge functions.


To be completed by ParishSOFT during the transition of data to ParishSOFT Family Suite:

Family Directory:

  1. We will verify you do not have any duplicate envelope numbers assigned (the same number associated with multiple families/members). Any envelope numbers that are duplicated will NOT be moved into ParishSOFT Family Suite. We will remove the duplicated envelope numbers from all records involved. You will receive a report of these envelopes to reassign to the correct family/member post-transition.
  2. The transition tool will replace any data that contains a "/", with a "-".
    For example, the Last Name of Doe/Smith would be changed to Doe-Smith.
  3. Family or member last names that contain a "&" (the transition tool) will change to "and."
    For example, the Last Name of Doe & Smith would be changed to Doe and Smith.
  4. We will verify that all records have a valid Family Group associated with them. All records without a valid Family Group will be set to Inactive in ParishSOFT Family Suite.
  5. We will insert the parent name link in the child’s record. Note this overwrites any Mother or Father text entered manually.

Staff Records:

  1. All valid staff records will be transitioned to ParishSOFT Family Suite.  During the process “Grant Login Access” will be disabled for all staff records.  Following the transition, the primary contact will be granted view/print access to review and approve the transitioned data.  Following the review and acceptance of the primary contact of the transitioned data they will be granted full access and then will be able to review and grant access to the remaining parish staff. 

Offering and Pledges:

  1. If you have posted contributions through the Desktop Offering module that should be applied to a Pledge, we will run a script as a part of the transition process that will ensure the link between contributions and pledges is correctly established.
  2. Special Characters in the Fund Descriptions will be changed or removed as follows:
    • "/" will be changed to "-"
    • "&" will be changed to "and"
    • All other special characters will be removed.
  3. Any tuition funds, invoices, and payments will be transitioned as non-deductible offering funds, contributions and pledges for historical purposes and will not be a part of the Family Suite Tuition module.

Religious Education:

  1. If you have any incomplete Religious Education information, ParishSOFT will populate it using the following guidelines:
    • Add missing session start/end dates and times – the start dates will default to 7/1/xxxx to 6/30/xxxx, the following year.
    • Ensure sessions end on or after their start date/ time
    • Ensure sessions for a school year have a start date of that school year and an end date of the following year are contained within the corresponding school year.
      • For example a session in the school year 2017 that has a start date of 6/2/2017 and an end date of 6/28/2017, the end date will be updated to 1/1/2018.  This will ensure you will see your sessions grouped as in desktop.
  2. ParishSOFT will migrate your Religious Education data into ParishSOFT Family Suite using the default settings listed below:
    • Grades
      • Map one to one (2→2, K→K, etc…)
    • Catechists
      • Catechist 1 →Catechist
        • Catechist 2 →Assistant Catechist
        • Catechist 3 →Assistant Catechist
    • Rooms
      • ParishSOFT does not set up rooms in the default migration. The user can set up new rooms in ParishSOFT Family Suite following the completion of the transition.

If desired, you may reset the Religious Education Migration done by ParishSOFT in your transition and migrate the data again yourself using the migration tool.  NOTE: If you added new Religious Education data in ParishSOFT Family Suite and then reset, you will lose the information you added.  Use the link below to view the video in the link below before using the migration tool.

Religious Education Migration Tool Video

Ministry Scheduler Module:

  1. We will ensure that ALL Ministry Groups have an Event associated with them. If no event it present, we will create an event of ‘N/A’ for you as a part of the transition.
  2. We will verify that ALL Ministers are associated with a ministry and event. If there are any ministers not associated with a ministry and/or event, we will provide a list to you post-transition so you can update them accordingly in ParishSOFT Ministry Scheduler.


To be completed by the Parish after transition:

For all synchronizing parishes, ParishSOFT will provide you a transition report post-transition with counts comparing your Desktop data to the data transitioned to ParishSOFT Family Suite.  Please review the counts and validate they represent your expected values as well as compare the counts you gathered post-transition.

For non-synchronizing parishes, compare the counts you gathered post-transition.

We encourage you to use our Data Validation Checklist and Video Validation links below to assist you with your validation.

Data Validation Checklist
Data Validation Video

Parish IQ and Custom Reports:

Parish IQ queries and Custom Reports do not transfer into ParishSOFT Family Suite. You will need to recreate any Parish IQ queries and Custom Reports using the ParishSOFT Family Suite IQ tool.


Compare a few Family records in your Desktop database that are Registered to another parish to the same records in ParishSOFT Family Suite to verify the data is consistent between the two systems.


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