IMP FS PS Web to PS Web: Frequently Asked Question


ParishSOFT to ParishSOFT Transition Integration
Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to move my program to another URL?

  • Your Diocese has ParishSOFT Diocesan suite. They have decided to move all the parish data over into one site so everyone can take advantage of a combined database.

How will this help me in my day to day work?

  • You will gain the other parishes updated information for records you share.
  • Your mailings will be more accurate as you have real time updated addresses and family information.
  • Other parishes in your diocese will be on the same data platform so you may reach out to each other for help and advice. Your Diocese is using the same platform as well.
  • You will now share all the census data from the other parishes. Adding a new family will allow you to look throughout the Diocese to find them and bring them over. Saving time and additional data entry work.

How long will I be out of my program?

  • With our Integration Process you will be out of your live data for approximately 2 business days.

Will I be able to view my data before I go live?

  • Yes, once we are finished matching your data to the Diocesan data, your data will be put in a staging site for review.
  • Both you and the diocese will review the data for accuracy.
  • You will receive reports on what families were matched to the families in the Diocese and which ones were not.                           

Will I have duplicate families after we go live?

  • You may, depending on whether your Diocese chooses to utilize a holding organization for families not matched or keep them in the parish.
  • Any duplicates you find can be merged by the Diocese after you go live in your new site.

Will everything I have in the program transfer?

  •  All data will transfer except for Family/Member Photos and uncommitted Quick entry batches

Will the Family/Members DUIDs Change?

  • Yes, your Family and Member DUIDS will all change since your records are be moved into an existing database that may already contain records with those Family and Member DUIDs.

What happens to our My Own Church (MOC) member logins?

  • When ParishSOFT does the final data pull we will disable all of your parishioner’s logins for the old site.
  • Your parishioner’s user names will transfer to the new site, however you will need to inform those users of the new URL and instruct them to create a new password using the “Lost password?” link on the login page.

What happens to my Staff logins?

  • Your staff logins will remain the same.



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