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Project Management Billable Time Definition

When entering into a project agreement with ParishSOFT certain activities and tasks are considered billable as part of the work that the ParishSOFT Project Manager does on your behalf to help you achieve your goals and complete a successful project.  The following are items that would be considered billable under the project definition with ParishSOFT:

  1. Project Status Meetings – these meetings are generally held on a weekly basis to ensure that both sides have the latest project status information and any project challenges can be addressed swiftly to avoid a large impact on the overall project success. The time spent in preparation for these meetings, holding the actual meeting and preparing any meeting notes is all considered billable.
  2. Project Kickoff and Closure meetings.
  3. Orientations (Diocese and Parish) – coordination, preparation, and actual presentation time.
  4. Support Issues Handled Directly by the ParishSOFT Project Manager – if there are product issues that arise during the project the standard process would be for the diocese to report the issue to the ParishSOFT support team and copy the ParishSOFT Project Manager so they are aware of the issue. The support team will then determine the correct resolution path for the issue.  If the diocese would like the ParishSOFT Project Manager to directly handle the issue, the time would billable as the Project Manager’s time is not covered under the annual subscription costs.  (NOTE: If a support issue is not being addressed by support within the service level agreement or there is a complaint about the service received by support, those issues should be escalated to your Project Manager and time spent to address those issues will not be chargeable to the customer.)
  5. Consulting and Process Review.
  6. Training & Questions on process or products.
  7. Project Coordination & Communication – around roll-out groups, system setup, project activity coordination with other ParishSOFT team on necessary project work
  8. Project Reporting – time spent preparing reports for the customer on the project status, project plan creation/modifications, etc…
  9. Travel Expenses.
  10. Coordination for out of scope project work.


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