PSDio Census - Using the org selector in the family details

Using the org selector in the family details

This article is intended to help you understand how the Organization Selector functions in the family details page. For any given family there is their parish of registration but a family can also be unregistered at an unlimited number of parishes, so the Org Selector's main function is to allow a diocesan user to quickly see who a family is associated with. 


  1. Here is the Family Details page highlighting the parish of registration and the Org Selector:

  2. If the family is in multiple parishes and you click on the Org Selector, you will see a drop down menu like this:

  3. If you select a different organization from the drop-down menu, your view will change to seeing the family the same way that organization would see it. See below for how this would appear:

  4. From this screen, you can edit the details for this family and register them to this Organization: 

  5. You will now see that this family is registered at the new organization:

  6. If the family is registered to a different org than what's in the Org Selector, then you can edit the details of the family and select an entirely new parish by selecting a new Org in the drop-down menu of 'Church of Registration', see below for details:

  7. If there are parishes that this family is associated with that they shouldn't be, then you would need to select that organization in the Census main menu and delete that family out of that Org. Doing so will remove them from the Org Selector drop-down menu. You will not be able to delete the family out of the diocese if it is located there. 



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