PSFS IQ - Family Directory: How to query a list of families with children

How to query a list of families with children

For Census purposes you may need a list of all Families who have children.  To do this you can create a simple Query with sub-query to pull the information for you.

Results Columns: Add Family First and Last names with other necessary information (1). The fields added in the screenshot below are mailing name, envelope, and mailing address in mine. See IQ screen.

Query Conditions: Add Family DUID (2); add Organization ID if you're going to save the Query Globally.  Set "Families Family DUID" to "not in sub-query" and click the option to "Edit sub-query" (3). See IQ screen.


IQ Screen



Edit sub-query Screen

In the sub-query add a condition for "Members Age" and set it to "less than" and enter the number 17 or 18 (depending on when your Parish recognizes adulthood). (1-4)

Once finished, hit "Ok" (5).  The sub-query window will close and you may now run the query.



Run the query

  • To run the Query, make sure the "Unique Records Only" box is checked at the bottom (1).
  • Click "Execute Query" (2).
  • To export results click "Query Results" and select "Export to CSV" and it will put your results in an excel file for easy sorting, printing, and viewing (3). 





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